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On The Front Lines: Engaging Our Communities

Monday, March 12, 2012 (All day) Export to vCalendar

Tuesday, March 13, 2012 (All day) Export to vCalendar

Wednesday, March 14, 2012 (All day) Export to vCalendar
Where:   University of Illinois Springfield Public Affairs Center (In Person)
Cost:   $15.00

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The Conference Exit Survey is now available at until Tuesday, April 3, 2012, 11:45 p.m. The Planning Committee appreciates your feedback. Please respond at your earliest convenience.

OTFL Presentation Links:
Monday: (Eli Neiburger)

Tuesday: (Beck Tench) (Michelynn McKnight)

Wednesday: (Director Anne Craig)

Beck Tench:

The purpose of the On The Front Lines (OTFL) conference is to equip and enlighten front-line staff with training, exposure, 2.0 technology tools and techniques that will enable them to effectively and efficiently meet the needs of their community. We plan to address topics that will help front line staff serve and engage their communities within the framework of our multi-type library system.

School Media Specialists please note that CPDU credits will be available at this conference.

The event will be held at the University of Illinois Springfield Public Affairs Center in Springfield, Illinois.

In keeping with the wishes of the OTFL Planning Committee, the registration fee remains $15.00 for the entire three-day conference. The registration fee covers conference content and materials as well as conference supplied meals. Checks or major credit cards will be accepted for payment.

Please make checks payable to the
University of Illinois Springfield
Bursar, PAC 184
One University Plaza
Springfield, IL 62703-5407

Also please include these numbers with your check payment: 4-301126-967000-305300-967006


Monday, March 12, 2012

All Day: Registration

11:00 am – 12:00 pm

12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
Keynote Speaker: Eli Neiburger, Ann Arbor District Library
Title: Access, Schmaccess: Libraries in the Age of Information Ubiquity

Synopsis: The 21st century isn't just here; it's already 12% over. The presence of ubiquitous access to a global information network, and the cultures that flourish on that network, change everything about Libraries... or do they? Eli Neiburger from the Ann Arbor District Library will highlight some of the contrasts between the Web Culture of this Century, and the Broadcast Culture of the last century, exploring how the value, mission, and focus of libraries are impacted by this cultural change which has still barely begun. Maybe the library of the future is not really so different from the library of the past... from a certain point of view.

Bio: Eli Neiburger joined the staff of the Ann Arbor District Library as a helpdesk technician in 1997 and has been responsible for AADL's technology program since 2000. In his current role as Associate Director for IT & Production, Eli is responsible for technology planning, software development, digitization, events, and marketing.

1:15 pm – 2:15 pm
Session 1) Gwyneth Stupar, Northbrook Public Library
Track: Staff Development & Technology
Title: Don’t Let the Web Site Beast Go Hungry: Strategic Content Planning for Maximum Visibility

Synopsis: Your library has a new website and knowledge contributors. How do you initiate a new workflow and maintain a style built to last? Gwyn Stupar will share useful tools and her experience managing the Web Team at the Northbrook Public Library.

Session 2) Leah White, Northbrook Public Library
Track: Customer Service & Staff Development
Title: Out of the Box Reader’s Advisory

Synopsis: Reader’s advisory is so much more than just recommending what to read next. Learn tips, tricks, and program ideas to give your readers services a boost with these low- cost, high-impact, and out of the box reader’s advisory ideas, such as innovative and useful ways to implement QR codes, untraditional book club ideas, and tips for making your book displays fly off the shelves. Reader’s advisory can be low-stress and fun for both staff and patrons – you just have to think outside of the box!

Session 3) Julie Jurgens, Glenside Public Library District
Track: Technology
Title: Tech for Tots: Age Appropriate Practices for Navigating the Digital Divide

Synopsis: How can library staff ensure that all children have equal access to technology with a developmentally appropriate approach? Screens are more and more prevalent in society, but screen time for children under two is still considered a risk factor for speech delays, behavioral problems, and other developmental issues. In this presentation, we’ll explore and discuss how librarians can help parents and their children acquire transliteracy skills without compromising appropriate practices.

Session 4) Crystal Megaridis, Praxair Library Services, Janet Colwell, Warren-Newport Public Library, Debbie Sheehan - Indian Prairie Public Library
Track: Staff Development
Title: Leading from Any Position

Synopsis: Leadership skills can be developed and utilized throughout one’s library career, no matter what position they hold. This wide-ranging panel of library staff members will share their unique leadership experiences in the hopes of inspiring attendees to step forward as leaders in their own libraries.

Session 5) James Hahn, Undergraduate Library, University of Illinois
Track: Technology
Title: How to make iOS applications for your library: a basic introduction

Synopsis: Using templates from Apple's Dashcode development environment (a web based approach for application design) participants will learn how to create an iOS app and make the app available on the iTunes app store. No programming experience is required, this is a basic introduction and those with little or no experience are encouraged to attend.

2:15 pm – 2:45 pm
Break: take time to discuss the session you have attended with colleagues and enjoy a snack.

2:45 pm – 3:45 pm
Session 1) Peter Harbison, Illinois Historic Preservation Agency
Track: Customer Service & Resources
Title: Student Historians: Researching with Primary Sources

Synopsis: Student Historians in the Illinois History Fair Program are strongly encouraged to use primary source material while researching topics for Illinois History Fair. You might encounter them at your library. How can you and I help them use your materials?

Session 2) Liz Kirchhoff, Barrington Area Library
Track: Customer Service & Resources
Title: Multifaceted Approaches to Book Clubs

Synopsis: Looking for ways to create, promote, market, and leverage the book clubs in your community? This session will discuss the multiple book club programs and initiatives currently in place at the Barrington Area Library.

Session 3) Chris MEDJO-ME-ZENGUE, Indian Trails Public Library District
Track: Customer Service
Title: Tips from the Bodega

Synopsis: An approach to better library service in diverse communities.

Session 4) David Stern, Illinois State University
Track: Resources & Technology
Title: Electronic knowledge management tools beyond citation management (Zotero, diigo, etc.)

Synopsis: In this session you will learn how to organize and re-purpose your discovered information using two new software products (Zotero and diigo) that allow for downloading, annotating, searching, citing, and sharing many types of media materials. Go from isolated web bookmarks and citation tools to an integrated tool for handling many additional media types, while sharing information among pre-determined groups, dynamically discovered interest groups, and the larger research community.

Session 5) Molly Rice - Beardstown Houston Memorial Library, Camille Rose - Kankakee Public Library,
Linda Ward-Callaghan- Joliet Public Library and Roland Johnson - Kankakee Public Library
Track: Customer Service & Resources
Title: High Tech, Low Tech, No Tech Programming Ideas for Middle School Students

Synopsis: See specific tried and true programs that will captivate the not-so-easily-captivated middle school audience. These programs engage kids with technology and hands-on elements. Some ideas will also work for younger kids, older teens and even adults!

3:45 pm – Until
Hor D’oeuvres Served Concurrent with Sessions

4:15 pm – 5:15 pm
Session 1) Eli Neiburger, Ann Arbor District Library
Title: "Q & A with Eli, including project portfolio"

Synopsis: Find out more about what Production means for Libraries and see some of AADL's Projects.

Session 2) Terry Cottrell – University of St. Francis, Michelle Petersen - Plainfield Public Library and Janet McAllister - Glen Carbon Public Library, Reilly Belli - Wood River Public Library, and Paula Tretter - Bethalto Public Library District
Track: Customer Service & Staff Development
Title: Transform U Consortia "Helping unemployed adults reinvent themselves”

Synopsis: Transform U, an ILEADU team, created an organization that highlights and shares Library services that “Help Unemployed Adults Reinvent Themselves” with an emphasis on going back to school or starting your own business.

Session 3) Burt Fields, Chatham Area Public Library
Track: Customer Service
Title: Genealogy Resources for Beginners

Synopsis: As a library staff member, you don’t have to be a genealogist to know where to direct patrons who are just beginning their family history search. This session will highlight online resources that staff members can easily direct a patron to, and tips for preparing a quick reference guide for staff to those resources and to assets that may already be available in your own library

Session 4) Liz Kirchhoff, Barrington Area Library
Track: Technology
Title: Making QR Codes Work for Your Library

Synopsis: Not sure what QR codes are, or how to utilize them at your library? At this session, you'll learn how to create, design, and use QR codes in ways that require no money and little staff time.

Session 5) Bonnie Matheis, Illinois State Library
Track: Resources
Title: What the HECK is the Illinois Center for the Book?

Synopsis: : Do you have patrons who are interested in reading, writing or author programs? If so, the Illinois Center for the Book has several programs to offer your patrons. Come and learn about the different programs of the Illinois Center for the Book.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

All Day: Registration Open

8:00 am – 9:00 am
Hot Breakfast Served

9:00 am – 10:00 am
Keynote Speaker: Beck Tench, Museum of Life and Science in Durham, NC
Title: Becoming an Agent of Change in your Organization

Synopsis: Innovative work requires good ideas and risk-tolerance, but how do you create a culture in your institution where a) innovative ideas happen frequently; and b) your institution is willing to take the risk and try it? Beck Tench will share her strategies for creating a culture of risk-taking, innovation and change at her institution in the hopes that others might be inspired and empowered to do the same.

Bio: Beck Tench is a simplifier, illustrator, story teller and technologist. Formally trained as a graphics designer at the University of North Carolina’s School of Journalism and Mass Communication, she has spent her career elbow deep in web work of all sorts – from the knowledge work of information architecture and design to the hands dirty work of writing code and testing user experiences. Currently, she serves as Director for Innovation and Digital Engagement at the Museum of Life and Science in Durham, NC where she studies and experiments with how visitors and staff use technology to plan, enhance and share their everyday lives.

10:00 am – 10:15 am Break

10:15 am – 11:15 am
Session 1) Jeanna Vahling, Illinois Heartland Library System
Track: Staff Development
Title: It’s Here! Introducing the Newest WebJunction Illinois

Synopsis: : As a library professional, do you find yourself looking for continuing education opportunities, ideas for new projects, sample policies from real libraries, or just the latest library news? What if I told you that you can find all of the above – and so much – in one place? Well, you can! In this session, I will be introducing the newest version of WebJunction Illinois and show you how to make the most of your WJIL experience. Attendees will also learn how to access WJIL self-paced courses in its new dedicated space, designed to help you build and manage a learning plan unique to your needs.

Session 2) Kristine Kenney, Palatine Public Library
Track: Customer Service & Technology
Title: How to Teach what you Don’t Know

Synopsis: We’ve all been there, a class on LinkedIn, a question about eReaders, or hands-on assistance with a database. When working in libraries, staff will often have to teach what they don’t know. This session will provide practical tips for making it through the anxiety of teaching outside one’s comfort zone.

Session 3) Kate Hall, New Lenox Public Library District
Track: Customer Service
Title: Hosting Programs for Teachers: The Why, the How and the What

Synopsis: Have you ever wanted to develop a better relationship with teachers? Learn how to draw teachers into your library through continuing education classes. Find out what teachers want to learn about, how to put together a successful program with little or no money, and how to register with the State Board of Education to become a certified continuing education provider.

Session 4) Michelle Petersen, Plainfield Public Library and Janet McAllister, Glen Carbon Public Library
Track: Customer Service
Title: Delivering on YES!

Synopsis::"Delivering on Yes!” nationally recognized speakers Janet McAllister & Michelle Petersen is a presentation that will teach staff specific tools, and ideas that they can implement at their library. We will ask attendees why they work in a library? We will share responses we have received at other library conferences and why we work at the library. We will discuss who your patrons are and what they really want so you can better serve them. What is your role in the community? Have you ever wondered how you impact your patrons lives? We will explain the "Best Small Library" mindset. We will show how we use Google Docs to better serve our patrons needs. This tool connects the patron, circulation staff and management so that no's can be changed to YES! We promise our presentation will be “More than You Expect”.

Session 5) Johnny “The Transition Man” Campbell, DTM, AS
Track:Staff Development
Title:The 21st Century Leader Strategies for dealing with change and difficult people in the workplace

Synopsis: Don’t let change or difficult people drive you crazy- There is a solution. When it comes to change there are many challenges, from how do we get started, to how will this change affect the library and the people it serves. In this entertaining and informative program Johnny Campbell- The Transition Man will share with you his strategies and techniques for implementing, managing and lead others through the uncertainty of change

11:30 am – 12:30 pm
Lunch Served

12:30 pm – 1:30 pm
Keynote Speaker: Michelynn McKnight, School of Library and Information Science, Louisiana State University
Title: "Really Agile Service: Doing Better What We've Always Done Well"

Synopsis: Excellent front line service for real people is more important than anything else you do at work. Living service is agile; rigidity is not an option!”

1:30 pm – 1:45 pm Break

1:45 pm – 2:45 pm
Session 1) Donna Schaal, Illinois Heartland Library System
Track: Staff Development and Technology
Title: Just Google It! Part 1

Synopsis: Many of us have probably heard the phrase, “I’ll just google it”, but what else does Google have to offer? Join Donna Schaal for a demonstration of other Google products. In this session, we will take a look at advanced searching techniques, iGoogle, Google Music, Picasa and Google Groups.

Session 2) Alex Annen – Homer Township Public Library, Heather Colby – Homer Township Public Library, Mary Golden – Joliet Public Library, Christopher Halverson – Fountaindale Public Library, and Bridgette O’Halloran – Steger South Chicago Heights Public Library
Track: Staff Development
Title: The Known Face

Synopsis: If your face is associated with the library, you are a "Known Face" and this program is for you! This workshop will present library situations in a skit format followed by group discussions. Training for these circumstances will prepare you to confidently assess and respond to a myriad of situations. This program is appropriate for Adult Services, Children Services, and front-line staff.

Session 3) Jennifer Sidlow, Oak Lawn Community High School
Track: Resources
Title: Checking Out “In” Books for Teens

Synopsis: They read Harry Potter. They read Twilight. Now, what’s the next “in” book for your teen patrons? Discover some of the newest, hottest, and most popular titles for young adults. These books will be checked out again and again from your library! Your adult patrons may just jump on the “in” bandwagon, too. Illinois School Library Association’s Abe Lincoln Book Award nominees will be highlighted.

Session 4) Anthony Molaro, Prairie State College
Track: Technology
Title: Discover, Explore, Play, Learn, Love (encouraging a culture of experimentation)

Synopsis: Loving new technology, programs and services is the end of a process. In this session we will walk through the five steps of experimentation spending time on each of the steps: discovery, exploration, playing, learning and loving (or hating). We will focus on technology tools that improve services to our library members, but this session will apply equally for face-to-face interactions as well as virtual interactions.

Session 5) Jocelyn Tipton, Eastern Illinois University
Track: Resources & Staff Development
Title: What can .gov do for your patrons?

Synopsis: There is a useful government website for all of your patrons. There are sites for kids, parents, business owners, job seekers, travelers and seniors. There are sites that inform, entertain, or interact with agencies. This session will journey through the vast array of government sites to explore and discover what .gov can do for your patrons.

2:45 pm – 3:00 pm Break

3:00 pm -4:00 pm
Session 1) Robert Jones, Illinois State Library
Track: Staff Development
Title: Don’t Just Settle: Library Recruitment and Staying Active in the Field

Synopsis: Are you ready to challenge yourself? Are you interested in becoming a librarian? Do you need to know what to do and what resources are available? If so – please join me to hear about being active in the library community, continuing education, the steps you need to take to getting your MLS, and what to do afterwards.

Session 2) Leah White, Northbrook Public Library and Anthony Molaro, Prairie State College
Track: Staff Development and Technology
Title: eBook and eReader Basics

Synopsis: Are you interested in implementing an eReader program at your library but not sure where to begin? Come learn the basics of eBooks and eReaders! We will cover staff training tips, specifics on circulating eReaders, and advice on how to develop your eBook collection, an overview of the available services for libraries, current trends, patron training, and much more. After this program, you will be able to return to your library equipped with the tools to make eReaders and eBooks a reality for your library and your community.

Session 3) Scott Casper, Poplar Creek Library
Track: Resources and Technology
Title: Promoting Electronic Government Documents in Any Library

Synopsis: Blogging about tax forms? Podcasting about starting your own business in Illinois? How are you using technology to push government information? Come hear what NIDL librarians are doing or plan to do in the near-future, and learn how to get involved or do similar projects on your own.

Session 4) Kristine Kenney, Palatine Public Library and Kate Hall, New Lenox Public Library
Track: Resources
Title: Low Cost Programming: Partnering with Local Businesses in your Community

Synopsis: How do you bring quality programs to your library that patron’s will enjoy without breaking the budget? Learn how to utilize community businesses, how to contact them and speak to them so they understand the value of working with the library, and how to keep the lines of communication open for future programming opportunities

Session 5) Sarah Sagmoen, University of Illinois Springfield
Track: Customer Service
Title: To Boldly Go…A Librarian’s Quest to Break Stereotypes and Building Partnerships Outside of the Library

Synopsis: Too often stereotypes associated with the library create a barrier between us and our patrons. Learn how one library formed an unlikely partnership, broke down stereotypes and had fun too! Sarah will share her story, offer tips and tricks and then open the floor for discussion and brainstorming.

4:00 pm – Until
Hor D’oeuvres served concurrent with sessions

4:30 pm - 5:30 pm
Session 1) Beck Tench, Museum of Life and Science in Durham, NC
Title: Space-making for the Risk-taking

Synopsis: Join Beck Tench for an open discussion and collaborative drawing session about risk-taking and creativity. Come with your questions, stories, fears, ideas, pens and pencils.

Session 2) Michelynn McKnight, School of Library and Information Science, Louisiana State University
Title: Agility exercises, stories and more!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

All Day: Registration

8:00 am – 9:00 am Hot Breakfast Served

9:00 am – 10:00 am
Session 1) Maggie Hommel, Park Ridge Public Library
Track: Technology
Title: The Power of Gaming

Synopsis: In recent years, the popularity of video games has not only swept libraries, but become a major cultural force. With 67% of households playing video games and the average age of gamers 34 years, video games are not just for Children’s and YA departments any more. This presentation will share information and new research about games, and easy ways that libraries can tap into the power of gaming to promote learning and literacy.

Session 2) Donna Schaal, Illinois Heartland Library System
Track: Resources
Title: Just Google It! Part 2

Synopsis: Many of us have probably heard the phrase, “I’ll just google it”, but what else does Google have to offer? Join Donna Schaal for a demonstration of other Google products. In this session, we will take a look at Google Earth, Google Calendar, Google Reader and Google Translate.

Session 3) Cyndy Colletti and Beth Paoli, Illinois State Library
Track: Resources
Title: Meeting the Literacy Needs of Your Adult Patrons

Synopsis: Not everyone who walks in the door of the library can read. Not everyone who walks in the door of the library can speak English. What do you do then? Come talk about the adult literacy needs in Illinois, what services are in place for referrals and what else you can do to make the library friendly to non-readers and non-English speakers.

Session 4) Richard Stewart, Indian Trails Public Library District
Track: Resources
Title: RDA on the Front Lines: What the New Cataloging Standard Will Mean for Non-Catalogers

Synopsis: Cataloging codes, with their strange terms, acronyms, rules, and MARC tags, may seem like a world apart, but they have a very practical purpose: to help people discover and use the resources our libraries have to offer. Come learn about the new standard the cataloging world is talking about and how we hope it will enhance your work and your patrons' experience.

Session 5) Dennis Rios, Illinois Legal Aid Online
Track: Resources
Title: New legal website empowers Illinois’ booming Hispanic population

Synopsis: Hispanics in Illinois unable to afford an attorney now have an online Spanish-language resource to help them resolve their legal problems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The new website,, provides zip code-based referrals to local legal services programs across the state and free, plain language legal information and resources for common legal problems. Interactive, Spanish-language legal guides contain frequently asked questions and answers, easy-to-understand definitions, step-by-step instructions, interactive forms, and videos on specific legal issues. The website makes navigating a confusing legal system easy and free to lower-income Spanish-speakers facing legal issues like domestic violence, mortgage foreclosure, immigration and more.

10:00 am – 10:15 am Break

10:15 am – 11:15 am
Session 1) Mary Smith and Barb Mack, Mount Prospect Public Library
Track: Resources
Title: Ready, Set, Read: Getting Young Children Ready to Read

Synopsis: It’s never too early to plant the seed for reading success. Research has determined six early literacy skills which babies, toddlers and preschoolers need to develop for the basis of later reading and writing success. Children who enter school with more of these skills are better able to benefit from the reading instruction they receive when they arrive at school. Join us for a fun-filled workshop with lots of ideas about helping children get ready to read. You will learn about the early literacy skills and will be able take home lots of fun activities.

Session 2) Lynne Thomas, Northern Illinois University
Track: Resources
Title: “Collections Care for the Real World”

Synopsis: A discussion of collections care practices for libraries attuned to the current budget climate.

Session 3) Keisha Garnett – Chicago Public Library, Kerry Bowden – Danville Area Community College Library; Brianne Perlot - Berwyn Public Library, and Heather Beverly - Cook Memorial Public Library District
Track: Resources & Technology
Title: There's an App for That!

Synopsis: This program will introduce participants to free and freemium apps that they can use to engage their communities, increase their productivity, collaborate and save money for their library. Presenters will explore 10-15 apps , discuss their usefulness from a library standpoint, and provide information on how to find out more about the apps being discussed as well as provide further resources for finding other useful apps.

Session 4) Dianna Sussman - Carbondale Public Library, Sharon Russwinkel and Deborah Hurley - Illinois State Library
Track: Customer Service & Resources
Title: The Largest e-Audio Collection in the World: Audio Books, Braille & e-Audio for Visually Impaired & Reading Impaired Patrons

Synopsis: Do you have older patrons struggling to read large print? Students with learning disabilities? The Illinois State Library Talking Book & Braille Service has attractive user-friendly options for patrons of all ages. Learn how patrons can download audio books from the largest electronic audio book collection in the world, or how they can get those books through the mail and hear them on a super-simple player. Learn a little Braille with us too!

Session 5) Stephen Bertrand and Allison Beasley - Kankakee Public Library
Track: Customer Service
Title: The Public Library as a Center of Community Networking

Synopsis: Stephen Bertrand and Allison Beasley of the Kankakee Public Library discuss how they have positioned there Library as a stakeholder in the economic revitalization of their community. Building a close relationship with local government, schools and business organizations has increased the relevance of the Library. Through this strategy, the Kankakee Public Library has become proactive in its future, rather than reactive to the difficult economic situation.

11:30 am – 12:00 pm
Keynote Speaker: Director Anne Craig, Illinois State Library

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

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This event is sponsored by Illinois State Library.

Event listed by: Illinois Heartland Library System and Reaching Across Illinois Library System

Last day to cancel registrations is: 3/12/2012

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